What the Ladies Like

Sometimes it’s hard to know what a girl wants. They don’t always tell it to you straight, and for some men, the fairer sex is completely baffling. Do they want a sensitive man, or do you treat them mean to keep them keen? Should you be rugged, or metrosexual? Do women get turned on by the scent of sweat or cologne? There are so many contradicting reports out there that it’s no wonder you’re left in a state of confusion. The main reason for this is because every woman is different; each has their own personal likes and dislikes, needs and desires. After speaking to some of the escort girls here, we found out which male traits are universally popular and will score points with the ladies!

Be chivalrous. You don’t have to go over the top, calling her ‘m’lady’ and throwing your coat down for her to walk through a puddle, but you should be gentlemanly. Offer her your coat if it’s cold, help her carry something if it’s heavy and hold open the door for her. These small gestures will be a pleasant surprise for her as they are becoming more and more rare; if she’s impressed, you’re bound to be rewarded in the best possible way.

Pay her a compliment. Don’t be sleazy or over-sexual; keep it clean and genuine. Comment on her eyes, her smile, her hair or her outfit. Most girls will not be flattered when told they have a “great rack”, but something about her personality will be appreciated. Be sincere; if you start gushing about how she’s beautiful, clever, funny, kind and amazing, she’ll see right through you.

Be confident in yourself. This is one of the qualities that women can’t help being attracted to; try to keep it in check otherwise you’ll come off as arrogant, but if you believe in yourself, she will too. The biggest turn off is to moan about all of your inadequacies, like your out of shape waistline, receding hairline and underpaid job. This is just pointing out your worst qualities to her – she might not have noticed if you hadn’t highlighted them. When attracting a woman, you need to sell yourself; make her see why you’re such a great catch!

You’d be surprised at how much of a difference a few changes can make to your success with the ladies. Be yourself and treat them well – the rest will come naturally.