What to Look For in a Woman

Times have changed, and so has our taste in women. Once upon a time, the perfect wife was one who would happily stay home, keep the place spic and span and have dinner on the table by the time you got home from work. She would raise the children almost single-handed, always look presentable and speak when she’s spoken to. This was normal for decades, and it’s only in recent years that the tables have turned.

Today, women are confident, independent, career driven and open minded. Although some men miss the traditional roles women played, most welcome this change with open arms. It means that women are more comfortable with their sexuality, and can party up all night with you. They earn their own money and don’t rely on us to keep them, and won’t be pushing us into marriage as soon as we’ve finished college. What we look for in a woman is worlds apart from what it would have been a hundred years ago.

Our escort girls possess many of the attributes that appeal to the modern man. They are absolutely gorgeous, which is rated very highly in today’s society. They have great figures and take care of themselves, dressing glamorously and taking care over their hair and make-up. They have excellent social skills and communication skills, enabling them to strike up a conversation easily. They have the ability to put you at ease and relax you, or to excite and titillate you. They’re open minded, up for fun, sensual and alluring. If only all women could be like this! Of course, London escorts may not be the same sort of girls that you look for as marriage material; they are here for you to enjoy with no strings attached, just for your pleasure.

Men’s taste differs greatly. Some love dark, tanned skin, while others love a pale princess. For some, you can’t beat a huge bust and curvaceous figure, but others prefer a tall, slim model figure. Some rate intelligence in a woman, others prefer a good sense of humor. It’s a good thing that not everyone has the same taste, otherwise there would be an extreme shortage in the women who appealed to us; however, with so many wonderful qualities in women, there is someone for everyone!

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