What She’d Love for Christmas

If you haven’t already bought a Christmas present for that special someone, you’d better get cracking – there are only 10 days to go! Your other half is probably the most important person you need to buy a gift for, so you’ll want to get it right. So many men end up with grumpy wives and girlfriends because they’ve got it all wrong; take our advice and ensure yourself a very merry Christmas.

It might be easiest for us to first tell you what not to buy her. Many men have logical, practical minds, so they think about what their other half needs. That makes sense, right? Wrong! She doesn’t want something she needs, she wants something she wants. She can buy practical things in the January sales, but as her lover, you should buy her something that she’s been lusting after. This means that anything for the kitchen is out; a new kettle, steamer or blender will not go down well. The only things passable as Christmas presents are things she’s been raving about, such as a shiny state-of-the-art coffee machine.

Anything for the garden is out of the question. If you present her with a leaf shredder, because you’ve noticed things getting a bit unruly out there, don’t expect her to cook you Christmas dinner. The same goes for any kind of house cleaning appliances, such as a vaccuum cleaner. Not only are you insulting her housekeeping skills, but you’re also depriving her of something pretty!

Any one of our London escorts will tell you what women really want under the tree. If she hasn’t dropped any hints, stick to the classics: perfume, jewellery, lingerie. Have a snoop around her dresser to see what types of beauty products and perfumes she likes to use – it can be risky to take a wild guess. If you’re unsure, write down the brands and ask a shop assistant to help you select something to your lady’s taste.

Most women have a particular type of jewellery they like to wear too, so you’ll need to take note of her style. Don’t buy her gold if you’ve only ever seen her wear silver, and vice versa. See if there’s a particular gemstone she wears, or choose one that matches her eyes (sapphires for blue, emeralds for green). The same goes for lingerie; don’t just buy her something that you’d like to see her in, buy her something she’d feel sexy in. Take notes from what’s in her underwear drawer.

If you don’t have a special someone to buy a Christmas present for, you’ve got off lightly… but you can always buy something for your favourite escort girl!