What Turns Her Off?

You might think of yourself as a bit of a stud, God’s gift to women. But do you really know what turns them on, and more importantly, what turns them off? Some things go without saying; if you let rip in front of a gorgeous Stratford escort, she probably won’t be swooning with desire! The same goes for burping and picking your nose – you know that these habits won’t impress any ladies. But what about other turn offs? Is there somewhere you’re going wrong without even knowing it? Here are some of the things that you should look out for.

Mummies boys are rarely a hit with the ladies. It’s fine up until the beginning of your 20s, but after that you should be more independent and get your own place. Living with your parents can be so convenient; they do your washing, cook your dinner and let you stay up as late as you want. But what happens when you want to bring a girl home? Even if you have moved out, calling your mum every few hours and consulting her on all your decisions will almost certainly be a turn off for women. Love and respect your mother, but leave it there!

Bad manners are almost always noticed by the opposite sex. If you forget to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to shop staff, if you never tip or use an impolite tone with people who are trying to help, a girl will think badly of you. Some manners are fairly basic and are expected to be used in social situations, for example you shouldn’t lick your plate in a restaurant! Once you’ve mastered the normal level of social etiquette, you could go the extra mile and be a gentleman to really impress her. Try offering your seat to a woman on the bus or helping someone elderly across the road. It will definitely score you some brownie points.

Try not to bitch or moan too much in her company. She will either think you’re rude, or just really grumpy! Even if you’re thinking negative thoughts, don’t voice them too often as this really puts girls off.

Finally, remember what company you’re in. Using crude language might be fine in front of your mates, but women are often easily offended by too much swearing or derogatory names for body parts. If you start dropping these into conversation, chances are she will be completely turned off and not in the mood for getting frisky with you!