What We’ll Never Understand About Women

Women are beautiful, confusing creatures. There are certain fundamental differences between the sexes that have always been there, will always be there and that we’ll never quite understand! Why do they always have to make the bed (when they know it will be messed up again later), and why they need so many pairs of shoes?!

Getting Ready

When we get ready to go out, smelling clean and having clothes on is about all that’s required. Some men take a bit more time to style their hair, but we rarely take more than 30 minutes from start to finish. How on earth is it that women can spend 2 whole hours in the bathroom or in front of the mirror? First of all there’s the outfit. They can sometimes try on everything in their wardrobe, then end up wearing the first outfit they tried on! Granted, they do have more bits of their body to remove hair from – legs, underarms, bikini line… and then there’s the hair and make up. Thank God men don’t have to wear make up.

What I came to learn about women is that they don’t just dress up for us – it’s to make themselves feel good. A woman will feel more confident and self assured if she knows she looks good, so she’ll be better company. My advice is to give her as long as she needs, pay her a compliment before you go out and you’ve got a happy Mrs for the evening!

Kisses on a Text

Have you ever been in trouble with your girlfriend for not putting any kisses on the end of a text? To be honest, sometimes I just forget. I don’t think it’s a big deal and it doesn’t mean I love her any less, but she does take offence. Some women rate your affection by the kisses on a text message, and if you don’t put any she assumes that she’s done something wrong or annoyed you. Watch out because this works both ways; if she doesn’t put a kiss, you’re probably in trouble. And if she uses all capitals, you’re in BIG trouble!

The Need for Chocolate

Personally, I’ve always preferred savoury snacks. I’d rather have crisps than cake, and I’d take roasted nuts over ice cream any day; but 99% of the women I’ve encountered have a love affair with chocolate. Whenever they’re stressed, chocolate is the answer. It seems to cure PMT, work stress and family troubles. But be careful not to buy her too much, otherwise she might accuse you of trying to make her fat… sometimes you just can’t win!

Eating chocolate actually releases endorphins into the body (otherwise known as the ‘happy hormone’), so it will scientifically cheer your girl up. Although they look after their killer figures, our Edgware Road Escorts certainly enjoy a chocolate treat every once in a while!