What Women Don’t Know

We’re all guilty of telling women what they want to hear. It’s not necessarily lying, but more withholding information that would hurt their feelings and shatter their confidence in men. Although keeping things from them gives us an easy life, sometimes we wish that they knew some facts about men off the cuff – it would save us both a lot of time and effort! Here are a few examples of things that women probably don’t want to know, but really should.

Men are just not as bothered about romance as women are. We may go to a lot of effort with music and candles when we’re trying to woo a new girl or an Epsom escort, but returning the favour isn’t necessary. All we really want is a cold beer and a blow job! That may sound crass, but we’re being honest here; we genuinely don’t need ambience and rose petals to get ourselves in the mood.

The quickest way to send a man running for the hills is for a girl to get too deep early on in the relationship. If she asks “where is this going?”, you probably haven’t even thought about it yet, and would rather not. If she says that she loves you before you’ve said it, the alarm bells will ring and you’ll want to get out of there! Of course there are exceptions where the feeling is mutual, but jumping the gun can often mean the beginning of the end.

On the other hand, there are some similarities between men and women that often get overlooked. We are just as scared of rejection as they are; if you see a gorgeous, confident woman at a party, you might be too intimidated to approach her and make a move on her shy friend instead – that way there’s less chance of being knocked back. If you do pull a girl you really like, you don’t want to look to keen by calling her first. But then if a week goes by and you still haven’t heard from her, you could find yourself sitting by the phone and feeling sorry for yourself! You wouldn’t be the only one. A lot of guys also love chick flicks and girls magazines, but won’t admit it to their girlfriends!

Whether you’re looking at your girlfriend, her mum, her best mate or the woman working on the check out at the supermarket, chances are you’ve imagined her naked. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to have sex with her, but there’s something inbuilt that can’t resist picturing women without their clothes on! Girls might see this as a betrayal, but if they knew that almost every man does it, they might be a bit more accepting of it.