What’s Your Perfect Date?

Men and women often have quite different ideas on what would be their perfect date. For a woman, it might be an afternoon in Knightsbridge with your credit card, and you carrying the shopping. For you, it might be watching the big game on a big screen while she brings you cold beers. Neither of these are very common, as few people are that selfless! Perhaps once in a blue moon this would be a nice gesture, but if it happened all the time, one of you must be a pushover, which doesn’t make for a healthy relationship. Instead, most couples come to a compromise; something they can both enjoy. Our central London escorts have been on all sorts of dates, so they can definitely give you some tips!

The most simple date, often occurring the first time you meet up, is to go for drinks or a coffee. Having an afternoon coffee is good if you’re unsure how you will get on with each other, such as on a blind date. It means that you can politely make your excuses to leave and say you have other plans, which is not as easy on evening dates. People assume that you’ll be free for the whole evening if you agree to a date, so leaving early could look suspicious and hurt their feelings. A good way to avoid this is to say before you meet that you can only stay for an hour or so; if you really like her, you can pretend to cancel it and stay with her longer. If you’re not feeling it, stick to your ‘prior engagement’ and leave her pride intact.

Once you’ve established that you like a woman, the next natural step is to spend an evening with her over dinner or drinks. Dinner doesn’t have to be formal if that’s not your style; you could choose a more casual restaurant, perhaps where you could enjoy some cocktails together. This gives you a good few hours to talk, get to know each other, and find out whether this could go anywhere. You should be able to tell fairly early on whether she is looking for a relationship or just some fun; you need to be on the same level here. If you’re just looking for a fling, don’t make the mistake of sleeping with her when she’s looking for more; she may be hard to shake off after that. However, if she’s game for some no strings attached fun, enjoy!

You don’t need to worry about planning a date when you book one of our London escorts; our girls are excellent company, without expectations. They won’t judge you on your choice of restaurant and they won’t be pressing you for a relationship; they’re just there to make sure you enjoy yourself.