When to Tell Your Mrs the Truth

They say that honesty is always the best policy. In many areas of life, this is a good motto to live by; being deceitful can cause problems in the work place and lose you friends, however there is a big difference between making something up to be malicious and telling a little white lie to spare someone’s feelings.

If everyone told the truth all the time, the world would be a very different place. Marriages would fall apart, friends would fall out and employees would lose their jobs. We all have times when we choose to withhold the truth to make the best of a situation, and this is no bad thing. Here are a few times when honesty might not be the best policy!

Most married couples will tell you that it’s essential to bend the truth sometimes to maintain a harmonious partnership. One example is making up plausible excuses; if you are an hour late for dinner and your wife has been waiting, a truthful answer of “sorry, I knew what time it was but my mate offered to buy another round at the pub” will not go down well. Something like” I’m so sorry darling, there was an accident on the motorway and I’ve been stuck in traffic for ages” will probably get you a tut, but you’ll soon be forgiven. She will probably know you are lying, but could let it slide to avoid an argument.

Another time is when the truth will hurt your wife’s feelings. If you’ve noticed that her weight has been creeping up and she asks if you think she’s got fatter, find a way around the question. Instead of a blunt lie saying “no, not at all”, say “I always think you look gorgeous”. If she pushes you, just shrug and pretend you don’t notice things like that. However if it’s becoming a problem and she’s gained so much weight that you no longer find her attractive, you may have to bite the bullet and have a sensitive talk with her. Don’t just tell her she’s too fat; ask if she’s happy and if there’s anything you can do to make her feel better about herself.

Some things you should keep to yourself; don’t tell her that you fancy her best friend, had a sexy dream about your female boss or wish she looked more like her sister. Men will always look at other women, but you don’t need to let her know that! Similarly, if you’ve been meeting London escorts to satisfy needs she’s not meeting, telling the truth will only damage your relationship so be discreet!