Women’s Erogenous Zones

Every man likes to think that he knows exactly how to touch a woman. You learn with experience, but you can never feel what she is feeling, so how can you be sure that she’s really enjoying it? You might remember the famous scene from the film ‘When Harry Met Sally’ where Meg Ryan fakes a tremendous orgasm in a coffee shop; if girls are that good at faking it, how will we know if we’re doing it right?!

There’s plenty you can learn by researching and discussing with your friends, but you can’t deny the truth in that saying ‘practice makes perfect’. Read some of these tips on erogenous zones to find out where to touch a woman for her maximum pleasure, then put it into practice to see the success of your results! Spending time with a London escort could give you a few pointers, they are very open minded and will happily give you some advice.

Women have erogenous zones all over their body, which when touched or stroked gently can be highly arousing for her. Starting at the top, lots of girls love having their hair stroked. The scalp is very sensitive so try running your fingers through the top of her hair. This is best for both of you when it’s clean and combed! Her face is a good place to kiss and stroke very gently.

A great place is all around her neck and shoulders’ feather light kisses mixed with small licks of your tongue will send shivers down her spine. You can also use massage along her arms, hands and shoulders to awaken her senses. Fingers can be licked and sucked, and it creates intimacy to keep your fingers interlocked during sexual intercourse.

Feet can be hit or miss; some love having their feet and toes licked, sucked and massaged, to the point that there is a popular fetish for feet. However, others detest either giving or receiving any attention involving feet. Test the water by speaking to your partner first or massaging all the way down her legs until you rub her feet.

The back is one of the most common places to massage; vary between gentle and firm strokes, using oil for lubrication. Be careful to wash your hands before putting a condom on as oil can damage it. Around the front, stroke her stomach and abdomen lightly to send ripples of pleasure through her body.

You will probably already know about the final erogenous zones; her breasts and nipples, buttocks and genitals. You can be firm with her buttocks, but go gently in the other areas so you don’t cause any irritation. Also stroke the inside of her thighs before concentrating on her genitals.

With all of this you probably won’t emerge from bed in a long time!