Are You Telling Porkies?

Following a poll of 2000 Brits, it would seem that we are a nation of fibbers. Sometimes a little white lie can be a good thing – to protect someone’s feelings for example. But bigger lies can get you into more trouble than it’s worth; there is never a guarantee that you won’t get found out.

Here are a few of the most common lies told amongst Brits.

Age Out of the 2000 asked, 36% admitted to having lied about their age at some point. This is most common amongst older or younger generations. You might have altered your date of birth before you were old enough to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Maybe you would knock a few years off your real age to still qualify for young person’s discounts.

21% confessed to altering their age to attract the opposite sex. As a youngster you may have wanted to attract an older woman, or you might be embarrassed about the fact that you’re not as young as you used to be. With so many online networks around, it’s easy to fabricate your age. Just be careful not to stretch it too far, otherwise potential partners will have unrealistic expectations and be disappointed.

Alcohol When you’re young, you might brag about how much alcohol you can consume in front of your friends to impress them. But as you get older, you’re more likely to play down the amount of units you drink. 35% of the Brits surveyed have regularly lied about the amount of alcohol consumed on nights out.

Although your friends are unlikely to put you to the test, it’s important to tell the truth to your doctor. They may well disapprove, but the amount of alcohol you consume can affect your health.

Sex If you ask your partner how many people they have slept with before you, you’re unlikely to get a straight answer. Sometimes a lady never tells; for example, Russell Square escorts would keep their experience discreet. However, 34% of us have fibbed about the notches on our bedposts. Sometimes we tell potential partners what we think they want to hear – whether they’re looking for someone with plenty of sexual prowess or someone who is near virginal.

Generally, men increase their number of conquests to show off and look more experienced; 29% of the men polled admitted to this. But 45% of women will down play the number to look less easy!

When it comes to being unfaithful, 36% of us have done the dirty. Out of these, only 56% have admitted to their infidelity!