Avoid the ‘Old Man’ Image

As you grow older, your top priorities in life change. Instead of worrying about where to go at the weekend, you’re worrying about your overdue mortgage payment or fluctuations in the stock market. Something that never changes is that people will always judge you on the way you dress, regardless of your age or occupation. If you’re not careful, you could become an unfortunate cliche and turn into that middle-aged man you used to mock when you were younger.

Some styles never change, so they shouldn’t be too difficult to maintain; a well cut suit, for example, never goes out of fashion. The only thing you must be aware of is the length of your trousers; if they show off your socks and a bit of skin when you sit down, they’re too short. It looks bad on everyone! Also, avoid bright white socks when you’re not in the gym – they haven’t been cool since the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, rocked them in the 1980s.

They absolute worst crime to fashion that a man can commit is wearing socks with Jesus-style sandals. This is unacceptable at any age! It’s a stereotype of the ‘European Tourist’ look that the rest of the world sniggers at. It’s become a cliche in itself, yet countless men still continue to commit the crime. Similarly, a knotted hankerchief on the head rarely looks good; if you’re concerned about the sun on your bald patch, opt for a hat instead. Check out high street stores and magazines for hats that look good.

When you’re out and about, never wear a bumbag. These are more common in America (where they call them fanny-packs), but you do still spot the occassional faux pas in the UK and the rest of Europe. Today there is a wide range of nice bags available for men, from shoulder bags to rucksacks and leather bags. Choose one that’s good quality and it will last you for years.

If you’re looking to attract a sexy escort , your dress sense will be the first thing they notice – and first impressions are very important. An escort girl generally likes a man to be smartly dressed, or in a simple shirt or t-shirt and jeans for a more casual look. A stylish way to combine the two is to wear a v necked t-shirt and jeans with a tailored jacket and smart shoes such as loafers. With this great look, your sexy escort won’t be able to resist you!