Days in the Park

One of the great things about London is the beautiful parks scattered across the city. When the temperature rises, everyone comes outside to soak up some of the rare British sunshine! Some like to read a book in the shade, some top up their tan by sunbathing, and others enjoy a game of frisbee or tennis. Our Regents Park escorts certainly know how to make the most of the glorious weather!

Many gentlemen love the summer season, because it brings out everyone’s gorgeous side. Bronzed skin, sunglasses and floaty cotton dresses set pulses racing, and even in the middle of the city girls will strip down to their bikinis in the park to make sure they catch every last ray. The Royal Parks are amongst the most popular summer hang outs, with their beautifully maintained gardens of lush, green grass. Some have colourful flowerbeds, some have fountains and some have quaint cafes where you can quench your thirst in the heat.

As well as the Royal Parks, such as Hyde Park and St James’s, there are also smaller greens which are perfect for those who want to stay close to their home or hotel. Sometimes you might not want to trek across London and make a day of it, but you still fancy an hour outdoors; this is when you’re most grateful for smaller parks on your doorstep. These may have less amenities, but all you really need is the grass and the sky to have a relaxing break in the sun. If you want somewhere with more facilities such as toilets, food stalls and water sports, it’s best to stick to the large parks.

Our escort girls love to spend leisurely days in London parks. They’ve perfected the art of preparing picnics and activities in the sunshine; you need to remember a blanket to go on the ground, some water to keep you hydrated throughout the day, snacks that will keep well in the heat and sun lotion to prevent your skin getting burned. Lovely days out can be ruined by sun burn, and it is also bad for your health; sun burn can increase your chances of developing skin cancer, so it’s important to look after yourself. Ask any of our escorts – they all take the best possible care of themselves in the sun. This also keeps them looking as gorgeous as possible, which is a top priority for them!

Make the most of the beautiful Spring weather by getting to your favourite London park and soak up that sunshine.