Elite Grooming for Men

You’ve probably seen those adverts on television with beautiful women shaking their lustrous hair and declaring that they’re “worth it”, but don’t forget that you’re worth it too! Not only do our lovely Hounslow escorts appreciate it when a man is well groomed, but it makes you feel great about yourself too. You can walk down the street with your head held high, confident that you’re looking the best you possibly can.

For London gentlemen, it doesn’t get much better than going to an elite barbershop like Truefitt and Hill in St James’s. This particular chain was established over a century ago, and is devoted to bringing men the best in hairdressing, as well as other grooming products and services.

After visiting an exquisite barbershop, you can use the tips you have learned when you’re self grooming at home. For example, they always prepare correctly before a shave; it’s best to do it during or straight after a hot shower when you have used a good facial cleanser. The experts then use a special oil before applying the shaving foam to soften your stubble and soothe the skin, preventing any irritation from the razor blade. There are also handy tips such as remembering to shave with the grain of hair growth, not shaving against it. Again, this will prevent irritation so you’re not left with an unsightly rash. The final touches should be a splash of cold water to close up the pores on your face, then a soothing balm or moisturiser to keep the skin in peak condition.

Grooming products are also a great gift idea; whether you’re shopping for your father, son, brother or friend, luxurious brands will always be well received. If you’re not sure which kind of products they would like, perhaps opt for some vouchers from a top barbershop instead; that way, they can choose for themselves. Our escorts in Hounslow have been known to treat their most loyal clients with gift sets of grooming products, much to their delight! Our girls are used to being lavished themselves with gifts, from perfume to lingerie, and flowers to chocolates. If you have a favourite escort you want to spoil, feel free – she is bound to show you her appreciation!

Never underestimate how great a bit of male pampering can make you feel. Refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated, you’ll feel like a brand new man.