Festival Season

As the summer months draw nearer, the weekends become dominated by festivals taking place across the UK. Some are tiny one day events in the field behind your local pub, others are on a grand scale, attracting thousands of people to see top music acts from around the world. If you’re going to camp overnight, there are some things that will make your stay much more comfortable and enjoyable. Read on to gets some tips on how to survive the festival season.

Before you go, check out your tent and sleeping bag. Are there any holes or splits? Do you have enough tent pegs and ropes? It’s a bad idea not to look until you arrive – you could be left with a rather large draught. Of course you’ll want to pack light, but there are some absolute essentials.

Take bottles of water. You’ll probably be drinking a lot of alcohol, and this combined with dancing in sweaty crowds and sleeping in humid tents means that you’ll quickly become dehydrated. Take a small one to carry around with you and a large one to keep in your tent overnight. You might also want a small medical kit – paracetamol, vitamins, plasters, antiseptic cream. Even if you don’t need it, one of your friends probably will.

Don’t take anything valuable with you. It will probably get stolen! Keep cash hidden away in your sock or in a money belt, and put your phone somewhere zipped up and in sight. There are always drunken petty thieves and opportunists about at festivals, so if you don’t want to lose something, leave it at home.

Hygiene tends to go down the pan at festivals, but a lot can be achieved with wet wipes! Take a full pack with you, and maybe a mini antibacterial hand gel too. You will need your own toilet paper – don’t expect there to be any in the portaloos! This is one of the reasons that our South London escorts sometimes opt out of festivals, they like the comforts of home.

Take enough clean underwear and socks to last you; rain is pretty common in the UK, so you may need to change them more than once a day. Check the weather forecast before you pack, and judge whether you need to take waterproof boots or wellies. Bin liners are a great idea as they can be used as waterproof ponchos, as well as storage and to separate dry clothes from wet ones. Stick to these rules and you’re in for a great time!