Find Your Perfect Style

Find Your Perfect Style

For some men, their dress sense is very important. It might be about wearing the most expensive tailored suit, or recognisable designer brand. For some individuality is key, seeking out one off and vintage pieces. Some like to keep up with the latest trends on the high street and from the catwalk. There is also a large proportion of men who don’t give a monkeys about style or fashion, and will simply throw on whatever is closest or the most comfortable.

When you’re younger, your style can often be influenced by your friends, interests and the group of people you socialise with. Skate boarders often wear baggy shorts and a cap, those into rock music wear black and ripped jeans. The hippy crowd who enjoy smoking ‘herbs’ might have long hair and wear loose, natural fabrics and ‘IT geeks’ are stereotyped to wear thick glasses and shirts buttoned up to the neck.

When you get older, it’s common to outgrow these styles and that’s where many men have a problem. You might have a dress code at work that determines your weekly wardrobe; perhaps a suit for office jobs, an overall for manual labour and t shirt and jeans for more casual, media jobs. But in the evenings and at the weekend, what you wear is down to you (or your wife!). If you don’t like shopping and don’t have a clue what looks good on you, this can seem like quite a chore. But style can either attract or repel women, so if you want to catch the attention of a gorgeous Elmbridge escort, you need to find a style that works for you.

First of all, remember to dress your age. You might think that the high street is a good guide for what’s popular for a man to wear, but if you’re 50 and still shopping in Topman, you could end up looking all wrong. Find a store that’s aimed at your age group and in your budget. Have a look in the media for ideas; magazines, adverts on TV, modern films… they all have well dressed men that will undoubtedly get the girl.

Have some items in your wardrobe that are timeless and won’t go out of fashion; a good fitting pair of straight legged jeans, a plain white or black shirt and a well cut suit. Unless you have a particularly loud personality, avoid anything too garish; fluorescent colours and novelty prints rarely attract the ladies. If your granddad is wearing something and you have the same thing in your closet, throw it away. Never wear socks with sandals, and don’t squeeze into something too small for you.

If you stick to these rules you won’t go far wrong – find a style that you feel comfortable in and wear it with confidence!