Gadget Etiquette

Technology has become part of our every day lives. It’s very rare to come across an adult who doesn’t own at least one mobile phone, and the more advanced techies amongst us carry a blackberry or an iphone at all times. Even my gran has learned how to text!

Along with laptops, pagers and mp3 players, we have become a nation governed by gadgets. Just as with any other aspect of society, there are certain manners that should be adhered to in the technology world. If it is all still a bit foreign to you, here are a few guidelines to ensure you don’t fall out of favour!

Boring Tweets Over the last year Twitter has swept across the world, prompting every Tom, Dick and Harry to post regular updates about their current ‘status’. This has caught on in the biggest way possible, but instead of filling the world with witty nuggets, it has become a platform for boring messages. Now we know exactly when you’re drinking a cup of tea, and we know that you’ve noticed it’s raining. Don’t make your tweets pointless!

Don’t Brag Whatever model you have of sound system or phone, there will always be one that’s better, more expensive with more applications or better sound quality. Not all of us can afford to upgrade every week, so please spare us the speech about your state of the art, latest gadget!

Put Your Phone Away If you’re out on a date, at dinner or in bed with a new partner, it is not the time to get your phone or blackberry out. Unless you have pre warned them that you’re waiting for a very important call, leave it in your bag; it’s rude to keep it on the table. If you really can’t resist checking for texts, wait until you’re out of sight in the bathroom.

Annoying Ring Tones Ever since Nokia emerged with their manically annoying signature ring tone, people all over the world have disturbed libraries, cinemas and restaurants with their ghastly ring tones. Don’t be one of them! If you’re out in public, keep it on vibrate or super quiet. And if you must go through your phone’s entire list of tones, do it when you’re at home, alone, with sound proofing on the walls.

Private in Public Whether you’re on Facebook, Myspace or Twitter, don’t air your dirty washing in public. When it comes to matters of the heart, this should be kept private. We don’t want to read about how you just got dumped and hired a Barons Court Escort to cheer yourself up…