Gent about Town

This weekend saw the heavens royally open. The torrential down pour may have been greeted with dismay by many, but the break in humidity was needed. We all know that Spring brings showers, and with March breaking us in with a heavy drizzle, we should make sure we’re prepared.

When the weather turns a little dull, it’s important to keep that spring in your step. Don’t feel the need to don jeans and trainers (unless this is you preferred attire), you can still dress dapper and stay protected from the elements. We covered the topic back in the autumn/winter, so you should all be aware of how to maintain your style when the seasons change. All you need this spring time to keep you sheltered from the storms are a good, sturdy pair of shoes, a protective coat, such as a mac and an umbrella. Since umbrella’s will be the must-have accessories, it’s good to invest in one that won’t fall apart after one outing.

Remember, the item that shall be protecting you from the showers, will also be seen as a fashion accessories. Yes, it is there to serve a purpose, but gentlemen, don’t you want to make a statement? Umbrella fashion may seem silly, but our escorts London are pretty adamant that it is key to your overall look. Laugh, you may, but a cheap one doesn’t do the job anyway, so why not invest in a sturdy yet stylish umbrella?

Some of you may be able to spend a little more on your investment, whereas others may have to stick to a budget. For those flash with their cash, Burberry, Harrods and other designer can offer you a stylish yet smart choice that can be a little costly. Consider these as protection that will continue to protect your investment, as they will be well made and have longevity.

Marks and Spencer and other stores offer the perfect remedy for cost and quality. When your at the mercy of wet weather it’s best to be prepared. Although a compact brolly provides function and practicality, they are sometimes not the most stylish or reliable. Why not opt for a crook handled umbrella, for the gent about town look. Strolling along with one of these will not only make you appear smart and sophisticated but will keep you prepared for when the heavens open.