The Gloves Are On. And Scarves. And Coats.

So it’s that time of year (probably the second most-used phrase on these blogs after ‘uncertain economic times) when we need to start dressing a bit warmer. We can feel the chill factor, and so our cupboards become fuller as our clothing thickness increases. Of course the temperature inside remains of a comfortable temperature so we don’t necessarily need to wear incredibly thick trousers. Because if we do, we start to perspire the second we walk into a shop, restaurant or even train. You can almost time the change of seasons with the turning on of the radiators on trains. But beware because you might end up with smoked salmon becoming rather more smoked than intended. And especially if you’ve gone for a cheaper boot, i.e. plastic rather than leather, you can expect your leg to get uncategorically moist.

So from this, we can strategically plan our winter wardrobe with an exceedingly warm coat. And there are those select few that require some help in picking the right style for them. First and foremost, your skiing attire does not make for a good winter coat. It’s certainly good for the slopes, you look tres chic in your padded bomber, but that kind of warmth is not needed for the temperatures in the city during the day. So whilst you most absolutely need the attired to be practical, you can definitely allow style to take a front seat. And looking the part will automatically set you in good stead with any of the English escorts that may take your fancy from our galleries. Our ladies are expected to make, and most certainly do, an effort. So surely it’s only fair that their clients return the favour. You do, after all, get out of something that what you put into it. And it’s nice to know you’ve gone that extra mile.

So what coat? You obviously need a versatile one, something you don’t necessarily need to be able to roll up so it fits into a bumbag, but also something that won’t be a burden. It has to be wearable with the majority of your outfits, because trying to fit four or five winter coats into one wardrobe isn’t the most practical of undertakings. Talk about mental overcrowdings! So there is certainly a tweed-focused outfit, that is always super smart and very fitting for a working man. Sometimes even a waxy Barbour jacket is always a welcome addition to any man’s wardrobe. And you know with that type of coat it is most certainly an investment piece.