Hair Preferences

It’s incredible what a difference a hairstyle can make to a girl. You might not initially rate it as highly important as her legs, bum, boobs or smile, but when it’s taken away you realise just how much you valued it! It’s not very common for girls to shave their heads by choice; some lose their hair through medical conditions and treatments, but with it can sometimes go their self confidence. To pull off the bald look as a fashion choice, a girl needs great style and great bone structure.

When it comes to hair types, many men do have a specific preference; our blonde escorts satisfy the men who favour fair haired girls, and the Asian, Brazilian and brunette escorts meet the needs of those who have a taste for the exotic. Some men go crazy for red heads, and we also have some red haired girls at V London Escorts. Those who like ebony escorts best usually like raven hair.

There’s something hugely enticing about a woman with long hair; it can make her look feminine, sensual and striking. If it’s kept in good condition, long, glossy hair can completely transform a girl’s image. Big waves make it look very glamorous, and worn poker straight shows that she means business. Some men have a fetish for long hair, enjoying the feeling of having it trailed gently across their skin.

Short hair looks especially cute on girls with pixie features; it shows off their jaw and slender neck, exposing shoulders and collar bones. This is what tends to get guys going, seeing all of those areas that love to be kissed. Although short hair styles are thought to be less versatile, they can still be worn in many different ways; edgy, boyish, soft or feminine.

It isn’t only the hair on a girl’s head that men think about; how she wears it down below can also get you going! A century ago, women didn’t do anything with their pubic hair; it grew freely and naturally, and was the socially accepted ‘norm’. Today, there are so many different options for them! They can trim, wax, shave or pluck. The hair can be shaped into a triangle, a strip, be removed completely or be shaved into a novelty shape, such as a love heart for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary! Many modern men feel that less is more, as it’s more pleasant for oral sex and is also more hygienic. Women also like men to stay trimmed, so return the favour!