Having a Bad Hair Day?

Believe it or not, it’s not only women who have bad hair days. Men suffer just as much; long hair can get tangled and messy, shorter hair can stand up in completely the wrong direction and many men start balding and don’t know what style will suit them now. Sometimes, only a trip to the hair dresser or barber will sort you out, but until then, here are a few quick fixes.

If your hair gets greasy quickly, invest in some dry shampoo. It soaks up the shine making your hair look clean again, and usually has a pleasant scent too. This shouldn’t be used as a substitute for washing your hair properly, but is a good solution for days in between washes or if you’re away from a good bathroom for a couple of days. If your hair is dry and looks like straw, make sure that you use a moisturising conditioner every time you wash your hair. This doesn’t make you a girl or gay, it means that you’ll look more attractive and be more successful with gorgeous £110 escort girls ! Some are designed specifically for men, so choosing those will avoid any floral, feminine scents.

If you are losing your hair, you need to accept that fact and work with it. Don’t try to hold on to the last traces of your youth by styling it into a comb over or investing in a toupee; this never, ever looks good and won’t fool anyone – they’ll just see that you’re in denial. Instead, trim your hair into a shorter style that will suit your hair line. Not all men can pull off the shaved head, hard man look, but a neat, short style will look much better when you’re losing your hair.

If your hair won’t stay where you want it, try a new product. There is a huge range to choose from on the market; gel, mousse, clay, spray… find one that suits your hair type and keeps it where you want it. Don’t overdo it with the hair gel – many girls are turned off by the wet look style. Use just enough to achieve the style you want and leave it there.

As a final solution, buy a staple hat! They’re not suitable for the office, but a hat can look good with an outfit if you’re in a social situation. Try on a few different types to see which looks good on you and goes with your style – a trilby, a beanie or a cap are popular choices.