Hot Halloween Ideas

Girls look amazing when they’re wearing a fancy dress costume. They have a knack for getting just the right balance of authenticity and sluttiness – a real treat for the eyes! Have you seen our escorts in outfits? You’ll barely be able to contain yourself. With Halloween coming up this weekend, there will be hundreds of gorgeous girls dressed up in London. Even if you’re not planning to go to a fancy dress party, all you need to do is step outside your front door to see sexy witches, black cats and naughty nurses!

The difficult thing is deciding what to wear yourself. Men tend to get told off if they don’t make an effort, or laughed at if they turn up looking daft. What costume can you wear that won’t affect your pulling power? Although it’s not as easy as it is for girls, there are some options that will leave the ladies swooning.

Channel Captain Jack Sparrow and go as a rogue pirate. Forget the eye patch, wooden leg and parrot on your shoulder; these traditional piracy traits are not considered sexy to women. However, if you wear a bit of smudged eye liner, an open shirt, a jaunty hat and a sword (keep it plastic, guys), you’ll be able to switch on the charm and win that fair maiden’s heart.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you will have noticed macho vampires invading our screens. Thousands of women have been going crazy for the guys in Twilight, True Blood and the Vampire Diaries… these undead hunks are showing us up, to be honest. Again, let go of the traditional concepts; if you go dressed as Count Dracula, the women will just find you a bit sleazy. However, if you wear some Victorian clothes, have a clean shave and invest in some fangs, you’ll be the mysterious man of the night that they all want to disappear with. If you pale your face, keep it subtle; think a light dusting of talcum powder rather than white face paint.

If you’ve got a great body that you want to show off, here’s your chance to do it in public. Think of any outfit that involves getting your shirt off: Tarzan, a gladiator, a boxer… you get the idea! If our London escorts catch sight of you dressed like this, they won’t be able to resist.