How to Date on the Cheap

In the summer, it’s easier to date on the cheap with walks or picnics in the park, and cost free outdoor activities. But as the weather worsens, you might be struggling for ideas on how to date on the cheap. It doesn’t mean that you’re tight; we all need to be sensible with money in the current economic climate, especially with Christmas on the way.

Here are a few suggestions so you can woo your woman without burning a hole in your pocket!

Do lunch, not dinner Many nice restaurants do a discounted lunch menu, so it can be a lot cheaper than eating there in the evening. Keep a look out for online vouchers too; it’s very common for chain restaurants to do 2 for 1 deals or set menus. Your date might think that this makes you cheap, but here you can determine whether or not she is the girl for you. It’s important to start as you mean to go on, so if you blow the bank on champagne and caviare the first time round, she will be expecting the same treatment every time.

Do Coffee Meeting for a coffee is a great way to get to know someone for a first date or a blind date; it can be as long or short as you want it to. As it’s quite a casual setting, there is not as much pressure as an evening meeting and you won’t be left wondering whether or not she’s coming home with you at the end of the night! You can be a real gentleman and foot the whole bill for less than a tenner. Another advantage of day time dates is that public transport will still be running by the time you are finished; some evenings run past 12.30 and you end up having to take a cab.

Cook for Her Having a meal in can be just as romantic as dinner out. She will be touched at the gesture and the effort you have gone to. Make the place beautiful by cleaning the house, laying the table properly and having fresh flowers and candles. You can buy bouquets for £3.00 from supermarkets – lilies give a lovely scent. And glass potted candles can be picked up at the pound shop! If you are not confident about your cooking skills, you could do it together to make it more fun.

Have a Night In Girlfriends can be very expensive – all the presents, dinners, shopping sprees… If you’re more the ‘no strings attached’ kind of guy, hire yourself a Stoke Newington Escort for one night only. You don’t need anything apart from each other to enjoy a night in…