I Heard You’re In The Market For Some New Wheels?

Hello, how are you? I do help that you’re well. It’s been awhile since we last spoke, but I hear you are looking for a new car? A man about town, it’s paramount to me to have a good set of wheels to whizz about in. It’s common knowledge that the speed of traffic in the centre of town is around twelve miles per hour. So whilst they may be good in the country, Land Rovers, Ferraris and other monstrous trucks are just not necessary when you’re winding around the capital. It can also provoke the wrong reaction in people. Too often you’ll see a gentleman standing next to a sports car, and the number of people who wander past whilst muttering ‘compensating for something…’ under their breath is astonishing. And certainly not the first thing you want your companion to meet when you finally see each other.

Don’t Be Late For Your Escort

The best car to have in the heaving metropolis, to us anyway, is a Smart car. And let’s be honest, the clue is in the title. It’s small, it’s compact, and when you’re looking for a parking space? Well, it can literally fit anywhere. That might be a TINY bit of exaggeration, but still it’s more useable than an estate, let’s say. Using a car is still a very viable option in town, especially when you’ve appointments to get to, and you don’t particularly want to crease that suit by squeezing into an over-packed tube, arriving late because of delays and not being able to inform anyone of your delayed arrival. Why they haven’t yet made mobiles useable on the underground is beyond me, if I’m honest.

It’s A Smart Idea

What can put many off a Smart car is the compactness of it, thinking if they got into a tangle with an articulated lorry they won’t come off very well. To be honest with you, readers, if ANYONE gets into a smash with an 18-wheeler, it’s going to be touch and go no matter how many seats you have in your car. And you don’t need any more than two seats. Especially if it’s just you and the busty escort you’ve met at the beautiful wine bar in the south west of London, anyway. You can whizz to a hotel, to a restaurant, to a bar. Whatever it is you want to do, this really is the ideal vehicle to buzz around the city. It’s Smart. It’s a Smart car.

Till next time,

Mr Suave