Keep Warm in Winter Style

Even the most smartly dressed man can get it all wrong at Christmas. With freezing temperatures, the number one priority becomes keeping warm, which isn’t always easy on the eye. If you still want to look dapper and attract our gorgeous escort girls, take note of these tips to keep warm in style.

The challenge in this season is to layer up without bulking up. It might feel lovely and cosy to wear three t-shirts under your jumper, but it will just make you look festively plump; with the extra pounds so many of us gain at this time of year, we really don’t need any more help looking big! A good idea is to invest in some modern thermal wear, such as ‘Thinsulate’. It clings to your body underneath clothes and keeps you really warm. With jackets and coats, keep them fitted or tailored. There is absolutely no excuse for puffy bomber jackets unless you are a 14 year old chav… in which case you’re too young to be looking at this website! Go for a coat that flatters your figure, in a dark or neutral colour. It needs to go with all of your outfits, and will be a staple in your winter wardrobe. Your coat is the first thing people will see, so it’s worth investing in one that compliments your style.

Thanks to our dear old relatives, we often end up with atrocious looking Christmas designs on jumpers, scarves and novelty socks and ties. If you want to wear these on Christmas day to placate the family, go ahead. But if you want to get lucky at the work Christmas party, these are best left hidden at the bottom of the wardrobe! Women generally aren’t attracted to guys in woolly jumpers featuring Rudolf the Reindeer, as adorable as he is. Again, stick to dark or neutral colours for jumpers; if you do want a festive twist, go for rich, dark colours like red wine or bottle green. Bright and luminous may make you look fun and wacky, but you’re unlikely to impress sexy women wearing this.

Hats and scarves can look really good if you get them right, but can look tragic if you get them wrong. Avoid bobble hats, sports wear and crazy patterns; aim for something grown up and sophisticated. Our cheap London escorts love a stylish man, and if you follow our winter fashion tips you’ll have them swooning at your feet.