Keep Warm this Winter

Now the weather has turned bitterly cold, with the odd sporadic bursts of sunshine, the question is: how do I keep warm whilst still looking cool? Everyone should own a warm winter coat already, but it’s what to accessorise it with that may leave you stumped? The idea of winter accessories is they are both practical whilst still remaining stylish. Some may argue that practical can’t be stylish but with trends on the high-street championing winter extras you can definitely still look good. There is no excuse. These days accessories aren’t there for the simple fact of keeping you warm they are fashionable items too. Gone are the days of slipping on a simple matching black hat, gloves and a scarf – there are colours, materials and styles to consider. With hundreds of combinations the only trouble you may have is not knowing what will suit you the best. Some people prefer to stick to just wearing one item of winter wear, all go for all three. You can stick to a matching three-piece or alternatively mix things up a bit. Remember, winter wear is outer wear and more people are going to see this before seeing what you are wearing underneath your coat. Jazz up and add a bit of fun to your winter attire with some casual items or create a more formal look. It’s up to you.

There are lots of things to consider, style is the first and most foremost thing. Are you contemplating fashionable trends and not sure if you can pull them off? Snoods have jumped into the foreground and become the must-have accessory option. But, is it really something that everyone can pull off? Er, no is the answer. Unless you are completely fashion forward in the first place, in which case you wouldn’t be reading this I assume, then it may be better to steer clear. There is nothing wrong with them, per se, unless you wear them the right way then they can become more of a fashion faux pas. You may also be wondering, to bobble or not to bobble? There are so many hat varieties, that its a game of trial and error. If the hat fits, then wear it. It’s all about what suits you the most. To make sure you stay warm on the forthcoming cold winter days and nights you need to pick wisely. If you’ve failed to preempt the cold and have been fooled by the bizarre balmy conditions we’ve been having then pay attention please!

First and foremost you need a winter coat that will see you through. Try a trench coat that hits your waist rather then opting for a full length one. Unless you get the longer length just right, you can end up with something that looks a little ill-fitting. Opt for some un-traditional tailoring with a double breasted smart-causal cardigan. These perhaps works best when the weather isn’t as cold, but for a smart conventional look double breasted jackets are also great. London escorts enjoy men in tailoring and smart wear and they look dapper and gentlemanly. Tweed and corduroy isn’t very much on trend, so it can be worn casually but it also looks fantastic when worn with smarter garments. Softer and lighter tweed has hit the high-street providing a more comfortable wear. Depending on how money-rich you are there are cheaper and more expensive versions available. If you are a fashion-follower then trawling high-street shops at Westfield with a Shepherds Bush escort for assistance might be more suitable for a quick fix. A parka provides warmth, casual fashionable wear for the winter. This is not something that you could wear formally, but fun varieties are available for men who prefer a leisurely look. Macs, barbour jackets and parkas offer a mix of smart and casual wear. Depending on the colour and fit, these coats are great to wear either way. Pea coats are a great formal coat to wear, creating a sharp and stylish look which is popular with escorts in London who like this tailoring.

Accessories are really important and are easily forgotten. Emphasis is always put on the choice of coat and rightly so. Yet, teaming it with a simple black hat, scarf and glove combo is perfectly acceptable but there is so much more out there. A great choice of accessories is important because it can all the difference to your final winter outfit. Key trends this year are chunky cable knit for scarves, hats and gloves, snoods and bobble hats if you can pull them off. There are other alternatives available that are perfectly acceptable too. Faux fur trims and leather gloves, trapper hats and fingerless gloves are also hot this winter. Keep your digits warm, your neck wrapped and your head toasty with some trendy, comfortable thermal accessories this winter.