Look Good All Night Long

Nights out on the town can end up getting messy, and go on much longer than planned; by the later stages you can wind up looking tired and rough. There are some measures you can take before you leave the house to prevent this, and also some pocket-sized tips to keep you going.

First of all, shower and use deodorant before you leave the house. Make sure you use an anti-perspirant, because nightclubs can get very hot and sweaty. If you know you’ll be clubbing or raving, choose a top that doesn’t show sweat patches; girls usually find these a real turn off if they’re visible. Find a fabric that lets your skin breathe, such as cotton; black and white are good for hiding damp stains, but colours tend to show them up.

After brushing your teeth, use mouth wash as well to keep your breath fresh for longer. Your breath may end up smelling of beer and cigarettes anyway, but a girl won’t want to kiss you if you have bad breath. If you’re concerned, take out some mints or gum to freshen up during the night. Also make sure you eat something before you go out; this prevents the acid in your stomach from causing bad breath, as well as sensibly lining your stomach for the night ahead’s drinking.

Always wear clean underwear. If you do happen to get lucky, you don’t want stinky socks or stained boxers to send the girl running for the hills! It’s always best to play on the safe side, even if you’re just out with the boys. If you don’t meet ladies, you might feel like calling a sexy brunette escort when you get home, in which case you want to be fresh and clean for her.

If you have quite long hair, go for a style that isn’t too clean cut; dancing and pushing through crowds could end up messing it, up so it’s safer to opt for a messy bed-head look. This way, any stray hairs will look intentional. If you do want a sleek, combed back style, we’d recommend taking a comb in your pocket, just like the T Birds from Grease. You’ll be able to maintain your look throughout the night.

One of the worst side effects of drinking alcohol and staying out late is getting red and bloodshot eyes. This can easily be resolved by carrying brightening eye drops with you; the tiny container will easily fit into your pocket and it makes a big difference to your overall look. Clear, sparking eyes look much more appealing than sleepy, pink eyes. It will also feel great if you’re dehydrated from drinking alcohol.

Follow these tips to stay looking your best all night, and you’re sure to be a hit with the ladies!