Luring Women to Your Bachelor Pad

It doesn’t matter how charming, charismatic and successful with the ladies you are when you’re out on the town; if you take them home to a dump, the girl is likely to run screaming! Women place a lot of importance on our homes, and will pass their judgements on us according to our living conditions. They see it as an extension of your personality; if you’re a sloppy flat mate, you’re probably a sloppy lover.

If you live alone or with other men, it can be all too easy to slip into the trap of leaving your dirty pants on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink and dirty towels in the bathroom. All of these things will put a woman right off you! When you book a West India Quay escorts , you know what time she’s coming so you have time to make your living space a nice, romantic environment. However, what if you happen to get lucky when you’re not expecting it? You might meet a gorgeous girl in the coffee shop down the road, or when you’re on a lad’s night out. If she agrees to come back to yours for a drink, what’s she going to think if it’s an absolute tip?!

There are a few small things that you can do to make your bachelor pad a honey trap, impressing every lady that sets foot through the door. First of all, keep on top of the mess. You should give it a proper clean (such as hoovering, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom) at least once a week, but have a general tidy every day. This might sound like a lot of stress, but if you do it daily you’ll find there really isn’t much to do. Before you leave for work, make your bed, throw clothes in a laundry basket and make sure no dirty dishes are left lying around. It will only take you 5 minutes!

A good idea is to have a talking point in your place. If there’s an interesting piece of furniture or an ornament with a story behind it, even some of your family history, it will create easy and interesting conversation to break the ice. There’s not a lot you can say about a pad that comes straight out of Ikea.

If you’re redecorating, choose a stylish theme that reflects your personality. There’s no point having a lavish kitchen if you don’t enjoy cooking, or a 50 inch TV if you don’t like watching it. Give her an idea of what you’re like, reflected in your surroundings. However, try not to make it too boyish and intimidating with too many complicated gadgets or football shirts and scarves pinned to every wall. Things like this should be subtle.

Your pad will soon look like a palace, and you’ll have the ladies queuing up to pay you a visit!