Men’s Girly Secrets

Most of us like to put on a bit of bravado, act all macho and prove that we’re the manliest man of all. But what few will admit is that we have a few guilty secrets when it comes to being in touch with our feminine sides. The contributors have been asked to remain anonymous, but below are some confessions from V London Escort ‘s clients. Bear in mind that these guys are as hetro as they come, and we’d bet you have more in common with them than you’d let on!

I Read Women’s Magazines:

“I know that I’m definitely not the only man who does this – I’ve actually caught my mates doing it too. My girlfriend is constantly buying gossip magazines like ‘Heat’ and ‘Cosmopolitan’. I’m not too bothered by the celebs or fashion sections, but they always have loads of sex tips inside! It’s a great insight into the female mind, and says what they think about us too. Of course, if she walks into the room I pretend I was reading the sports section in ‘The Daily Mail’, but pretty sure she’s caught me before.”

I Sing in the Shower:

“You always see men doing it in films and stuff, so I hope this is pretty normal! I never sing in public and you wouldn’t catch me dead on karaoke, but when I’m alone in the shower I do like to have a bit of a sing. The sound in there’s great and I like to think I sound a bit like Kings of Leon (in my head). One time I had a one night stand and totally forgot that the girl was still in bed. I must’ve been singing pretty loud, ’cause she was was laughing her head off when I came out – felt a bit daft!”

I’ve Tried on Her Clothes & Make up:

“I’m not girly, I just get a bit curious sometimes. I watch my wife sitting there for ages, rubbing in all sorts of creams and stuff. I tried her face cream when she was away, and it did feel quite nice on my skin. After that I went a step further and put some of her mud mask on my face – I thought it must do something good to make herself look that ridiculous! It actually worked wonders, my face was baby soft. I haven’t really tried on her clothes but I have held her bra up against me, just to see what it’s like. Every guy wonders what it’s like to have boobs.”

So there you have it: the girly truth from real macho men. Any of it sound familiar? It’s good to get in touch with your feminine side, so don’t hold back!