Mischief in the Office

Let’s be honest: office jobs can be pretty boring. Sitting at the same desk day after day, seeing the same faces and doing the same dull tasks… It’s no surprise that every now and then you might want to stir things up a bit. We can’t recommend that you do any of these things below at the risk of losing your job – only you can tell how much of a sense of humour your boss has. But hypothetically, here’s some mischievous antics that might get a rise in the office!

Start with the stationary. You’ll have to make sure nobody sees otherwise your plan will be foiled; a classic one to confuse your colleagues is unscrewing all of the biros and swapping over the colours. That way, they’ll try to sign a document in black and end up with red! This is just a small bit of mischief, for the beginners…

If you colour the earpiece of the phones in a highlighter pen, you get the delight of seeing unsuspecting colleagues walking around with fluorescent colours smudged up the side of their faces. It’s like a ‘grown up’ version of colouring the edge of a penny and asking someone if they can roll it down their face. Adults might not be so gullible, but they’re unlikely to check the phone before putting it to their ear.

If there’s a particular worker you wouldn’t mind landing in hot water, wait for him to go out of the office with his computer still logged in. Pull up websites of anything that might be frowned upon by your boss – perhaps a gallery of porn star escorts. As soon as they come back to their desk, simply draw attention to them before they have time to log off. Even better, open several tabs so that every one they close is hiding another graphic scene!

If you want to impress your colleagues with an office trick, try this: take a plain white post it and a stapler. Empty ALL the staples without anyone seeing, and then tell them that you have the balls to staple a piece of paper to your forehead. Hold up the post it and use the sticky side to hold it to your head, then press the empty stapler to it. To the untrained eye, it will look like you’ve really done it!

Finally, juvenile, silly behaviour is always fun too; try something like shouting “I’ve got an email!” every time one arrives in your inbox, or photocopying inappropriate body parts. Sure, you might get fired, but at least you’d have fun while you’re doing it!