Missed Out on that Promotion?

2009 was a difficult year for businesses. The recession meant that many workers had to be laid off and made redundant, cut backs had to be made and less people were promoted. However, the economic climate provided a perfect excuse for bosses who didn’t want to explain their reasons; perhaps you didn’t get a promotion for other reasons, but you simply assumed that it was due to the economy.

Now that the UK has been declared as officially out of the recession, it’s a good time to take a look at your career and work out whether you’re doing as well as you could be. You may be surprised at what you discover…

Many workers slack off because they know they can get away with it. You might arrive late in the mornings, slip away a few minutes early and take occasional ‘sick’ days after a heavy weekend thinking that nobody will notice. But don’t be surprised if your boss has clocked your behaviour but chosen not to say anything; that’s not the kind of person they want in charge. You could even be punctual and complete all the work you’re given, but even that is sometimes not enough. Employers appreciate those who go the extra mile, using their initiative and working late if needed.

Depending on your working environment, it’s important to look the part. You might think that it makes no difference to your work if you loosen your tie and wear some comfortable training shoes, but if you don’t look up to scratch your boss may not see you as management material. Always make an effort to ensure you’re not overlooked for something as trivial as your wardrobe.

Companies can be very competitive, and you may find that several other co-workers are keen to get the same promotion. Monitor how hard your colleagues are working and step up your efforts to ensure you stand out. Also, you need to display the qualities your employer is looking for; you might be great at doing your own job, but unless you show good leadership qualities you are unlikely to be considered for a management position. Take any opportunity to show that you’d be good at leading a team, even if it’s something as simple as organising a staff day out. If you don’t show off your skills, nobody will ever know about them!

Finally, avoid using your office computer for personal matters. It might be a great way to pass your lunch hour looking at photos of pretty London escorts that you might meet later on, but this kind of thing is best left to your own computer. Employers have been known to check computer history and may not think you’re concentrating on your work if they find things like this!