Tips for Making Money

Many of us earn enough money to pay the essential bills, but by the time you’ve forked out for everything that’s owed there isn’t much cash left over to have fun with. All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy, and to play you usually need money. Whether you like to have a cheeky gamble, go out for drinks, go shopping or hire gorgeous London escorts to spend time with, that extra cash is essential to your enjoyment. Here are a few tips to make a few quid on the side.


We always have things kicking about the house that we don’t really need – things that other people might pay good money for. For more exclusive or expensive items we would recommend selling them on an auction site like ebay where you can set a ‘reserve’ price; that way, you won’t end up selling it for a pittance. For the rest, go to a car boot sale or jumble sale and set up a stall. These can actually be a fun day out, and you get the double bonus of cleaning out your home as well as making extra money! For things to sell, look at your books, clothes, silverware, ornaments, videos and DVDs, or anything that could be a collectors item. Silver and antiques can fetch you a fair amount.


Keep an ear out for any market research taking place in your area. You can benefit from this in several different ways; plenty of companies offer cash for completing surveys online. It’s usually about £5.00 per survey, but if you can dedicate a few hours per week to it, the pounds will build up. Also, look out for discussion groups that pay participants. You can earn from around £40 to £100 for sitting in a room for 2 hours or so, talking about the pros and cons of a large corporate company – and there might even be free refreshments! Thirdly, you can get a free meal or shopping spree by becoming a mystery shopper. All you need to do is give detailed feedback on your experience afterwards.


You will need a certain degree of writing skill to pull this one off. By starting a free blog on a niche topic you’re knowledgeable about, you can advertise using a pay per click basis. You would need to update the content or articles daily and attract as much traffic as you can to your blog. Companies will look for any association between their product and your content, and place banners on your page offering a small fee whenever they are clicked on. The most popular mediums are WordPress and Blogspot; financial gains will be modest at first, but persevere and you could be greatly rewarded.