Money Problems That Make You Mad!

Money is important to all of us; the more you have, the more you want. And the less you have, the more desperate you are for of it! Life would be lovely if you had a spare £110 every week to hire a beautiful Lewisham Escort, but sadly, that’s not the case for all of us.

The most infuriating thing is when we see our hard earned cash go down the drain; here are a few of the most annoying gripes that pinch our pennies.

<b>Call Centre Costs</b> None of actually enjoy phoning call centres; the frustration of being kept on hold, being told that your call is next in the queue for half an hour solid, and the horrible instrumental music that offends your ears. Yet we have to pay for this ‘privilege’! A survey discovered that broadband users spend around £6 million per year by calling their providers. Really a cost we could do without…

<b>Restaurant Service Charges</b> I tend to tip according to how good the service and the food was. If it’s decidedly average, the normal 10% will do. If the waitress was charming and the food delicious, I’ll be more generous. And if it was all horrendous, I’ll insult them by leaving a few coppers to make my wallet a bit lighter. But when the restaurant adds a ‘gratuity’ onto your bill, this completely takes the choice out of your hands. You might not notice and end up paying twice, or you might be lining the pockets of the mardy old bint who slapped your revolting dinner down in front of you. I believe it should always be the customer’s choice.

<b>Irresistable Offers</b> I know I didn’t need any more weed killer, but there was a 2 for 1 offer in the supermarket! I thought I’d better stock up! This is a common problem amongst many of us. Clever advertisers lure us in to buying these fantastic bargains, leading us to believe that we’re saving money. But most of the things I come home with, I actually didn’t need and wasn’t planning to buy. So I end up spending more money than intended, and have cupboards full of rubbish that I don’t need. You might think that by knowing this information, I would be able to stop myself, but my innate desire to grab a bargain results in me falling for the offers again and again.

Life is full of annoying money making gimicks, and we just keep on falling for them. I’m going to double my efforts to save these pennies for something that’s worth it!