A Party Lifestyle on a Budget

It can be so easy to spend much more money than intended when you enjoy a party lifestyle. You go to a club, book a table, start a tab. Before you know it, morning’s come and you’re several hundred pounds poorer and have no memory of your great night! There are ways to get round it, if you party in the right way…

One of the best ways to have a cheap night is to go to a house party. Don’t host it yourself because you’ll end up spending and be left with the mess; instead, try to talk one of your friends into it. There doesn’t need to be any occasion – just being a Friday night is a good enough reason! Nominate a few friends from different social circles to each invite some of their friends so you will have a good mix and some new people to meet.

Spend the day helping your friend prepare for the party; getting the place ready can be half the fun if it’s with someone you get on with. It’s a good idea to gut the place if there are people coming who you don’t know very well; put away anything breakable of valuable to avoid things getting broken or stolen. Make sure there’s plenty of toilet roll in the bathroom, bin bags out for empty cups and cans, and some good music lined up. That’s all you really need! Ask guests to bring their own drink with them, it’s a very common request and most would bring a contribution anyway.

For your own drink, head down to the largest local supermarket. They usually have promotions on, so you can get good quality alcohol at cut price. You should be able to get a whole box of beer or some nice wine for under £10. Spread that over the night, and your pockets will be grateful!

A great saving can be made by taking public transport. Although it can be much easier and more pleasant to take a taxi, the numbers add up and you can spend well over £100 per week travelling across London. Buses run throughout the night and journeys cost as little as £1.00 each way with an oyster card. It may not fit the lifestyle you enjoy, but saving this much cash will leave you enough to spend on the things you really enjoy, such as evenings with beautiful London Bridge escorts.