The Perks of Being a Modern Man

Being a modern man can be more than a little confusing. Back in the old days, a man knew his place and a woman knew hers; you provided for your girl, acted as her protector and held open doors – easy! But now, it’s all too easy to offend a woman who has feminist values, and you can never be quite sure what’s expected from you. Should you offer to pick up the bill? Are you supposed to be wearing that hair gel? Are you meant to wax that hair from your chest that used to prove how masculine you were? It’s fair to say that getting it right in the eyes of our female counterparts is not an easy task.

If you’re ever feeling like a lost lamb, just remember all the perks of being a man. There are some things that have made life a lot easier for us, and some things that will never change. One example is showing our emotions; for years, men were expected never to cry, even if the dog you’ve had since you were a kid died. Now, women are looking for a man with a sensitive side, so we no longer have to bottle everything up. Of course, you can’t completely let go and be a big baby, but if you feel genuinely upset about something, you don’t need to hide it. It could even make a girl fall for you!

Even though equality has come on leaps and bounds in the last century, men are still paid more than women for doing exactly the same job. Is it fair? Probably not. Do we mind? Not one bit! It will take a while for society to completely change, and so for the next few years you can use those extra pennies in your pocket to spoil your girl and win her over. If you’re single, you’ll be able to afford a beautiful Upton Park escort whenever the mood takes you!

Remind yourself how much women have to go to before they go out. We might take 10 minutes longer than we used to styling hair and trimming stubble, but I doubt the day will ever come when we start obsessing over waistlines, visible underwear and whether or not we look too “slutty”. Never going to happen.

Finally, the winning streak, something that women will never be able to take away from us: we get to pee standing up! It’s so much easier, being able to relieve yourself whenever and wherever you like (within reason)!