Plan the Greatest Party

You might think that planning parties is a woman’s thing – surely all you need is beer and space? It’s true that some of the best nights are unplanned, but organising a big party can have many benefits. First of all, it brings all of your friends together for a night that could be unforgettable. You could re-establish connections with old friends, rekindle a flame with old lovers and get to know new acquaintances better. It will boost your popularity as people talk about your amazing party for weeks afterwards, keeping your name in the forefront of everyone’s mind. You’ll also get a reputation for being a fun guy, the type that everyone wants to be around.

There aren’t many downsides to throwing a big party; one is the cost, which could rack up depending on the number of guests you invite. The other is the clearing up the next day! If you hire a venue this should be taken care of, but you can only really let go in your own property. In this case, prepare yourself for some serious tidying on a heavy hangover!

The venue is the first thing you need to consider; if you have a house or flat that’s big enough to accommodate all your friends, decide whether or not you’re prepared to host it there. That’s the cheapest option, but consider your neighbours (you don’t want to get complaints about the noise) and whether or not you could cope with things getting broken or stolen. It happens! Also consider the number of people you want – either a smaller gathering of good friends or a huge party full of everyone you’ve ever met!

Music is very important. If you can’t afford a DJ, make a playlist on your ipod that you can plug into some speakers. You could ask friends to bring along their playlists too so you get a good mix of music. You’ll need to supply plenty of alcohol; many house parties have a BYOB rule – bring your own booze. This saves you on a major expense and ensures everyone has something they like to drink, but even in this case you should provide some extra. Also consider those who don’t drink alcohol, and stock up on mixers for those who bring spirits.

If you’re going all out, you might want to provide some food. Rather than calling caterers, just ask a few kitchen friendly mates to each bring a plate of something and lay out a buffet that people can pick at throughout the night.

Finally, you just need the perfect date to be the envy of all your friends – this is where our sexy blonde escorts come in! They’re great party girls, and will top off your evening.