Releasing Your Inner Tourist

London is full of tourists all year round. Some visit from other places in the UK, some travel here from abroad and some stay for weeks to soak up the traditional British culture. Despite being known for bad weather, England is a very popular tourist destination due to it’s famous landmarks and architecture, as well as the monarchy.

As well as the tourists, London is populated with around 8 million inhabitants who spend their days in the city and surrounding areas. Some have lived here their whole lives, others are new to the area. It’s so easy to throw yourself into your job and become familiar with your immediately local area that many London residents miss out on the delights of the city, right on their doorstep!

If London is where you call home, you’re probably not excited by the prospect of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London. But have you ever really seen them? Through a bus window does not count! There are so many beautiful and interesting landmarks here, both historical and brand new. Each one is famous for a reason, so put some time aside to explore them further, releasing your inner tourist.

To get the most out of your trips, try making a day of it and treating it like a special occasion. Some sights might be nice to wander around by yourself, but most are more enjoyable with someone else to keep you company. This is where our South Buckinghamshire escorts come in handy; they are not from the city so rarely get the chance to see London up close, and their excitement would rub off on you! Seeing great landmarks properly for the first time can be exhilarating and quite humbling, really helping you to appreciate the place you live.

You and your South Buckinghamshire escort could start off taking a stroll along the river Thames; here, you can take in the views of the London Eye, London Bridge and Tower Bridge. There are boat trips running every day that let you enjoy these sights in style, and would be great fun to take together. You could then visit the Tower of London or London Dungeons to take the tour; your escort might be scared so make sure you look after her! Finishing the day you could visit the majestic Buckingham Palace, seeing the famous guards and looking to see if the Queen is home!