The Right Environment

Your surroundings are very important. Although you might not feel like they affect you much, the environment you’re in can play a huge part in your mood, your enjoyment of a particular experience or how successful you are in completing a task. For example, imagine trying to type up a contract when there’s a party going on around you with people drinking and dancing just a foot away from you. Or imagine trying to court a gorgeous Earlsfield escorts when your elderly parents are sat on the other side of the room… it’s just not possible!

These examples are very extreme cases, but they illustrate just how vital a good environment is for you. Although some things are out of your control (such as the outdoors and public), there are some things that you do have control over.

First of all, think about your work place. Does it help you be as productive as possible? Try to remove any unnecessary distractions that may throw your concentration: do you really need that naked girls calendar, or a game of minesweeper constantly minimised at the bottom of your screen? Save things like this for your private time, and you might be surprised how much more you get done. Try to work out whether you’re more productive working with or without music playing, and what might inspire you. Small changes can make a big difference.

Your home is your haven, the place you should feel the most comfortable and relaxed in. Make it somewhere that you enjoy coming back to, rather than a reminder of all the jobs you haven’t got round to yet. Although it might be easy to leave dirty clothes on the floor and dishes in the sink, it won’t feel half as good as coming home to a clean, attractive place. It’ll also be much more suitable to bring girls back to – always a bonus! Put some thought into your furnishings and décor, choosing things that you genuinely like the look of. Decide the mood you’re going for too; do you want your room to be cool and calm, or hot and sexy? Colours and textures help to create these moods.

Creating good environments simply helps you live your life to the full, getting the most out of every situation you find yourself in. If you find yourself in an environment you’re not comfortable in such as a club with music way too loud or a street full of broken glass and rowdy teenagers, extract yourself from the situation. You’re in control of your own life – you don’t just have to grin and bear it!