Something to Look Forward To

Everyone loves that feeling of excitement when something you’ve been looking forward to creeps closer and closer… perhaps it’s your birthday or Christmas with a pile of presents to look forward to. Maybe there’s a huge party in town that everyone’s going to, or maybe an old friend is coming to visit. As long as there’s something good happening in your near future, it’s easy to stay optimistic and enjoy each day. However when your calendar’s empty and there’s nothing fun happening for months, you can start to feel quite deflated.

The daily grind can wear you down; getting up every day, going to work, home, dinner then bed only to repeat it all over again. It can feel like you’re just going through the motions, not making the most of life. This can easily be rectified with a little bit of effort, simply by creating opportunities for fun.

Starting with the biggest event first, try to fill your calendar or diary with at least one fun thing per month, something you can really look forward to. If you have the funds, plan a summer holiday for a week or two; you could go with a partner, a friend or even a group of mates. There are plenty of cheap deals available at sunny resorts, especially if you look outside peak season (before June or after August). This will give you something to talk about for months, getting excited about how you’ll spend the hot days and long nights!

When you’ve done that, think of something that could give you a long weekend. There are plenty of festivals over the summer that have now put their tickets on sale. If you want something big and hardcore you could go for V Festival or Glastonbury, or if you want something a bit more chilled out try Shambala or the Secret Garden Party. If you’re not into the festival scene, perhaps a city break would be more to your taste. Amsterdam, Rome, Paris… there are plenty of cities in Europe that are just a couple of hours travel away from London and could be the setting for you to have the time of your life.

If you need an instant pick me up, spice up your evening by hiring yourself a London escort. It will make you remember how much fun life will be, reigniting your excitement for life! You’ll be left feeling raring to go, and filling up your weekends with fun will be no problem.