Story Time With Kelly

Kelly stuffed her hand into her Louis Vutton hand bag and finally found her keys. She opened her door and walked into her apartment, quickly carrying out the basic surveying cautionary sweep of its interior. One can never be to safe, she reminded herself as she set her keys in the chrome dish on the coffee table. Mid way between pouring her drink her mobile phone rang. Another moment of aggressive rifling through the vast depths of her bag and she came up successfully with the her phone just in time to answer. There was no number, the display simply read “withheld”.


‘Good evening, is this Kelly?’

‘Yeah, speaking, how can I help?’

‘My name Caroline. I’m calling you back from the agency for English escorts in London.’

‘Oh, great! Thank you for calling me back.’

‘After viewing the headshots, we would love to meet you for a finer assessment.’

‘Sure, that sounds great. Just tell me when and where and I’ll be there.’

‘Of course, of course, but before that, we just need to know a few basic things about you.’

‘No problem, go right ahead.’

‘This is just because we have a huge number of applicants and very little time in which to see all of them, and I know how busy our prospective employees can be…so we simply do a short and friendly over the phone screening, just to make sure that it is worth our while to see you in person. I hope this doesn’t sound offensive, it’s just so that no one’s time is wasted.’

‘I understand.’

‘Kelly, how old are you?’

‘I’m twenty four.’

‘You understand that we specialise in English escorts and have a very specific but thriving client base. You sound very English to me, I just need to know where live.’

‘Right here in London actually. I grew up in Highgate.’

‘London born and bred, that sounds great, and not something we hear everyday I might add. Most of our girls were born outside of London like-’

‘Like everyone else,’ Kelly says, emitting a cute giggle.


‘And Kelly, what is your height?’

‘I’m five-ten.’

‘Great. And your bust?’


The questions continued for a while and as they kept coming at her, Kelly felt more and more at ease. She could tell by the enthused responses that she was fitting the bill, and by the end of it, she was mixing a drink to celebrate the fact that she had an interview, and the shiny stones of her career path were already setting in front of her. She would be a classy and dazzling and proper English escort in no time.