Survive Summer in Britain

As is typical of the glorious British summertime, we have endured an unfair amount of rainfall over the last fortnight. So much for our plans for picnics in the park, bike rides through the countryside and waterfights in the street. The guys have forfeited their kick abouts on the football field for quiet pints in the pub -just the same as they do all winter.

If you want to have some fun this summer but don’t want to get completely soaked doing it, here are a few ideas for you to liven things up.


If you’ve never been paint balling with your friends, it’s high time you gave it a go. Try to get together enough friends for two teams – a bit of healthy competition makes everything more fun. There are paintball sites dotted all over the UK and they may offer discounts to larger groups. You will almost certainly come home covered in bruises, but it’s worth the pain! If you don’t fancy getting battered, opt for something like ‘Laser Quest’ instead; the same type of fun and team rivalry without the pain!


It can be expensive to dine out regularly, and dinner at home every night becomes very monotonous. If you and your partner fancy a change from the usual TV dinners, try having an indoor picnic instead. If you put some effort into the presentation and lay a blanket on the floor, light scented candles and chill some wine; it’ll be just as romantic and magical as an evening out. Your home will feel like a completely different place, and your other half will be touched at the thought you’ve put into it.


You may think that you need the great outdoors to go rock climbing or skiing, but there are other options available. Plenty of indoor centres have a selection of different activities to try. Most of you have been bowling and roller skating; ice skating can be very romantic if you’re out with a beautiful woman. For a more adrenaline inducing sport, you could even go indoor sky diving!


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