Update Your Winter Wardrobe

Did that title fool you into thinking that this article is aimed at women? If you thought ‘yes’ you’re wrong!

We know that most of our customers at V London Escorts are men who love to impress beautiful Cannon Street escorts; in fact, most of the heterosexual male population like to impress beautiful ladies!

If you want to appear attractive to women, your wardrobe is very important. It can also help in the work place and in social situations; your appearance is generally the first thing you are judged on. It has come to the time of year now where you have to put away the shorts and flip flops and protect yourself against the winter chill – preferably in a fashionable manner!

If you work in a professional environment where a suit is required, the dress code is already laid out for you. All that you need to do is choose a suit that fits you well, and have them tailor made if you can afford it. This will flatter your body shape, and can do wonders at disguising an unwanted beer belly or short legs. If you are not as tall as you would like, avoid jackets that are too long. Keep them level with your hips to avoid looking drowned and to keep you in proportion. If you want to look slimmer, choose dark colours. I bright or gaudy tie will attract attention to your stomach, as will light coloured shirts. Ensure that your collar is wide enough; a bulging neck is not a good look on anyone!

Although your family might buy you bright and colourful socks every Christmas, these never look good poking out from your trousers. Wear plain, dark coloured socks (that match) and save the colourful ones for home. Also make sure that your trousers are cut long enough to avoid the granddad look – leave it to the girls to show a bit of calf!

Whether you are dressed for work or play, there are a couple of winter accessories that can make you look smart and suave. Invest in a good coat. Again, if you’re shorter, go for a waist length jacket. Taller men look great in longer trench style coats, mid thigh or knee length. Choose a plain colour that will go with everything; black, grey, brown or beige. Remember, black is the most slimming.

Find a scarf that compliments your coat. You can branch out into colours here, but keep it subtle. Maroon, navy, bottle green and shades of grey are classy, masculine colours. If it’s cold you can wind it round your neck, and drape it under your coat lapels if it’s milder. Dark leather gloves can complete this suave winter look.