What Your Car Says About You

A lot of men are into fast, sexy cars; we see it as a statement or symbol of our status and success. Most of all, we think that an expensive sports car is a real ‘chick magnet’. Who wouldn’t want to have that, right?! Expensive cars symbolise money, and money symbolises power. Women often like men who have power – men who are in charge. However, if you’re not one of those lucky guys who inherits a large fortune from his grandfather or has built a million dollar business, there’s no need to be too worried either.

Of course, we understand that when you’re driving around, especially when you have a stunning blonde escort in the passenger seat, you’d want to show off with your shiny convertible. But don’t fret if you don’t own a shiny convertible, because the myth that beautiful women only like men who drive expensive sports cars is not entirely true. Not all of us need to drive the newest Porche to pull hot girls. Some ladies certainly don’t buy into the whole ‘look at me and my top-of-the-range sports car’ attitude, and there’s even a rumour that some women think that men who drive expensive cars are overcompensating, because they have a below-average penis! Here are some tips about what impression your car may give off.

If you drive a sedan: Sedan drivers are perceived as fair and square types of guys, more intellectual and less concerned about their appearances. Some women could find this quite comforting, as they like to be respected and treated fairly. You might be viewed as a solid character or a family man.

If you drive a SUV: SUV drivers are perceived as men who take charge of a situation, and who can take care of women well. Most women like to feel protected and looked after, and if you drive this kind of car, they will feel safe and secure with you.

If you drive a truck: There’s a certain image associated with truck drivers; they’re thought to be a bit more manly and rough around the edges. Women could see you as a handy man to have around, who likes fixing up bits and pieces in the house. It’s definitely very attractive for women to see you roll up your sleeves to fix the plumbing when it’s not working – these guys aren’t afraid to get down to business!

So just relax about your ride; it doesn’t matter what car you drive. Even if you don’t own a car, you might come across as an environmentally friendly guy, and women like that too!