What’s Your Breast Preference?

Every man has different tastes. When it comes to what you find sexy on a woman, some consider themselves a bum man, some go for legs and others are into breasts. Of course there are loads of other factors that contribute to your attraction, but many men quote these as the first features they check out on a woman.

Breasts vary greatly in shape and size. For some men, more than a handful is a waste. Smaller breasts tend to be more pert and firm, so they certainly have their bonuses. If you like a slender figure on a girl, this often comes with a modest sized chest. Most supermodels can vouch for this; a woman doesn’t need a massive rack to be sexy.

Other guys think the bigger the better. Many men drool over large breasts and are often caught talking to a woman’s cleavage instead of their face. Take note guys – that one will always get you into trouble! Big bosoms are great to bury your face in, and make a woman look more voluptuous. They always make an impression on men, however oversized breasts can be a burden for a woman as well as a blessing. Excess weight can cause back pain, and it’s much more difficult for them to find good fitting bras. There are special catalogues for them such as Bravissimo, which make a great read for us!

There is a real split opinion on breast implants. Fake boobs have been made famous by stars such as Pamela Anderson and Jordan, and some London escorts opt for this choice to enhance their cup size. For some of the men who are in the ‘bigger is better’ camp, they don’t mind whether a girl’s breasts are natural or fake. Implants can give off a particular impression of a girl (whether it’s correct or not) – men may perceive this girls as more fun, out going and more up for it. However, some men only like natural breasts. The feel is different – much softer and more malleable.

According to a survey carried out by Articlesbase.com on men in Britain, 54% like for a woman’s bra size to be a C cup – right in the middle. This is one of the more common sizes amongst women, and works out to be a handful for a man. I think that most of us could agree that breasts in general are great!