When To Be An Alpha Male

A lot of the time, women don’t want you to be an alpha male. They want you to be sensitive and understanding, to be in touch with your feelings and share them. They want you to be metrosexual, trimming all sorts of hair and using beauty products to make you more ‘presentable’. But of course, there are still situations in which they expect you to asset your manhood – it may be fickle, but this is life! Our London escorts agreed that the following examples definitely call for an alpha male.

When it comes to DIY, women are just as capable as men at reading instructions and hammering in some nails, however it might ruin her nails — what a tragedy! Whether it’s putting up a new shelf or fixing a leaking tap, she will really appreciate you taking care of jobs around the house. Even if you don’t have a girlfriend, these are useful skills to have in life. Not only will they make you competent at keeping your own home, but you can also come to the rescue of that beautiful damsel in distress in your building — you’ll be her hero if you mend a broken appliance or piece of furniture.

Back in the olden days, men would lay down their lives to defend a woman’s honour. Things aren’t quite so extreme today, and many girls are able to stand up for themselves in difficult situations. But if a man insults your girl or touches her inappropriately, you’re completely within your rights to have stern words with him. Hopefully he will apologise and it won’t lead to a fight; try to keep things under control. Your girl will appreciate you defending her. What we must remember is that, however capable they are, women are generally physically smaller than men and less strong — if you see a woman in danger, be a man and go to her rescue.

The kitchen is no longer just a place for women; many of the popular celebrity chefs have proved that guys can cook too, much to the delight of women everywhere! There are two things in particular that remain favourable for the ‘man of the house’ are carving meat and barbecues. Even guys who can only cook beans on toast like to take responsibility for these culinary tasks. Perhaps it’s the sharp objects and fire that appeal to your caveman side! Use these opportunities to show off your alpha male side and impress your woman.