Your Best Mate

Best friends don’t come along every day. Some guys have a larger group of mates, some are like brothers, others acquaintances. A best friend isn’t just someone you enjoy going for a beer with; it’s someone you can rely on, trust with your biggest secrets, have a laugh with, go on holiday with and never get bored. It’s someone who won’t ever judge you or sell you out, will always show you support, stick up for you and fight your corner. If you’re lucky enough to have found a best friend, don’t take them for granted; you are one of the lucky ones.

Obviously, there are some needs that can’t be seen to by a best friend; sometimes only a gorgeous London escorts will do! But for all those other times, he is by your side. Being a best friend requires some effort on your part too – there are certain things that may be expected of you. Here are some of the sacred rules that best pals follow.

Choose Your Women Carefully: It should go without saying that his ex-girlfriend, his sister and his mother are off limits. Under no circumstances should you ever sleep with them, snog them or ask them out on a date. Even a bit of harmless flirting could upset them, so it’s best to steer clear altogether. If you fall desperately in love, you’ll have to confess before you do anything, and hope that he’s understanding! Obviously, it is never ever acceptable to hit on his Mrs; this will undoubtedly end your friendship for good, especially if anything were to happen between you.

Be His Wing Man: Sometimes, guys need a bit of help meeting girls. Apart from recommending London escorts to him, it may help if you go out as his wing man. This is where you need to be selfless; don’t be tempted to abandon ship and creep off with the first sexy girl who makes eyes at you. You’re here to big him up to the ladies, and to make sure he gets lucky. Also, never belittle him or ‘cock block’ him to boost your own ego – this could massively backfire.

Give and Take: A friendship works two ways. If you’re having a hard time financially, he may offer to help you out – but don’t become a sponger. Return the favour when you can. The same goes for keeping engagements; if he makes an effort to make plans and you’re the one always cancelling them, he’ll soon get peeved. Friendship is a two way street!