Randy Brandy

Hi, I’m Brandy. I know it sounds like a fake name or something, but where I come from it ain’t that uncommon. I moved to London from Texas 3 years ago with my boyfriend cuz he got a job out here, but he got so stuffy workin’ all the time that I broke it off. I loved the city so I decided to stay put for a while.

I like the way I stand out from the crowd here. I’m kinda loud and ballsy – it terrifies some guys, but others love it! I have long platinum blonde hair, gorgeous nails (normally painted candy floss pink) and an all year round tan. I’m the proud owner of a pair of 34DD breasts, though I did have a little help in that department. My pop bought me them for my 16th birthday – I was the happiest girl in all of Texas! My favourite gum is Strawberry Hubba Bubba and my favourite drink is White wine spritzer. When I go out at the weekend I love wearing myy cowgirl outfit; the British folk love it, me bein’ from Texan an all.

I was workin’ in a beauty salon for a little while. It wasn’t ideal, cuz I get a bit squeamish about waxin’ people. If I’m makin’ someone scream, I prefer it to be in ecstacy, not in pain. So I left there after a little while and just started waitressin’ in a steak house. I’m tellin ya now, the pay is not that good. London is expensive, and that wage only just about covered my rent and hair appointments. I was lookin online and saw some websites for London escorts; now I thought ” I’m easily as hot as any of those girls!” and I think you’d agree. So I went for an interview with a real nice lookin’ agency and got the job right away!

I thought it was pefect for me cuz I love meetin’ new people and I’m really fun company. I like to go out to dinner and to go to parties – I only wear my cowgirl outfit now if the client asks me to!

I learned a really funny thing about myself workin’ this job. I never used to drink spirits (bein’ a wine girl myself), but some of the men are real rich, and if they offer you a glass of a thousand dollar brandy, it ain’t polite to say no. I was with this one guy called Rex (he’s American too), and I ended up drinkin’ about 4 glasses of the stuff. An’ here comes the revelation: brandy makes me randy! I don’t know what came over me, but I couldn’t help myself! I just climbed right into Rex’s lap and started kissing him right on the mouth, he looked pretty shocked but happy! I could feel his dick gettin’ hard under me and that just made me even randier! I was only wearin’ a short dress, and I didn’t have any panties on cuz they would’ve showed through. I flipped a cushion onto the floor and got real comfy between his legs, and pulled his dick free of his trousers to put it in my mouth. I sucked it like a lollypop, and Rex was really enjoyin’ it. I got a bit greedy then an’ wanted to get some for myself, so I climbed on top of him in the armchair and started ridin’ him like the cowgirl I am!

I now have a bit of a reputation in the escort industry; Randy Brandy, the Texas Cowgirl. I think it’s real funny cuz most London escorts don’t earn their very own nickname! All my regular clients have learned the secret now; just feed me some brandy, and I’m a real bad girl!