Ruislip Escorts

Ruislip is located in West London, towards the end of Metropolitan Line. Local attractions include the Ruislip Lido, Ruislip Woods, and a Grade II listed Manor Farm House. If you decide to have a date and do something different, Ruislip Lido is worth a visit. It is converted reservoir, which looks like a still lake with an artificial sand beach on the south east shore. Visitors used to swim and do water activities until early 1980s, unfortunately nowadays swimming is not allowed due to the poor quality of the water. You can however still sun bathe on the sandy beach and enjoy other attractions of the ‘seaside’. The lido is surrounded by woodlands which you can explore with the steam train Ruislip Lido Railway. The railway started operating in 1945 and had expanded its route since. It was built to be part of the leisure facilities at the Ruislip Lido. The Lido is open 24 hours and is free of charge, the railway runs almost every day during summer and on the weekends in winter, and is only around £3 per person.

If you like nature, you can also take a walk in Ruislip woods. It is consisted of four woodlands; Park Wood, Mad Bess Wood, Bayhurst Wood and Copse Wood, covering almost 300 hectares of land. It is the largest woodland in Greater London, and had become the National Nature Reserve in 1997.

If you fancy outdoor activities but are worried that you don’t have someone to go with, Ruislip escorts can be the ones to accompany you. Escorts in Ruislip are lovely local ladies who like to meet nice gentlemen and enjoy a good time together. They are sweet and lovely and they make the perfect companions to walk you through the woods or to enjoy the lido. They will dedicate their time to do what you fancy doing, and they are all stunningly gorgeous and smart so you are bound to have a good time. If you find yourself running out of ideas and things to do, why not pay Ruislip a visit. You can find yourself bathing leisurely in the sun with a beautiful escort by your side.