South American Escorts

Many travel to South America to indulge in the warm, exotic climate and historic culture found in so many of its countries. The continent became a battleground for the Cold War late into the 20th century, but the conflict ended long ago and people there have now moved on with their lives.

Home to many Latino communities from Spanish colonies, there are many wonderful exports to come out of the continent. A rich variety of music from the area includes bossa nova, samba and tango – whenever you see a salsa dancer it is likely that they are dancing to South American music. If you’re intoxicated by the vibrant, colourful lifestyle that comes from there, taste a little for yourself by spending time with a South American escorts.

The reason that South American escorts are so popular in London is because they represent the wild, exotic beauty that is found in the natural landscape of the continent. Brazilian escorts bring with them the heat and passion, letting you experience it first hand!


Although it is the largest country in the Spanish speaking world, it is far less densely populated than Mexico, Spain or Columbia. Located in South America, Argentina sees many European tourists and immigrants arrive each year.


Although under British colonial rule for many years, and despite the fact that Elizabeth II is still the officially recognized head of state, Barbados has long thrown off the shackles of colonial rule and has its own culture and personality which is famed around the world. An island east of the Caribbean Sea, Barbados is still associated with the lilting lifestyle that so many associate with the Caribbean.


Bolivia is a country found in South America. It was part of the Inca empire before the Spanish went over and colonised it in the 16th century. Now it still retains its incredible geography, mountains, plains, but it has seen large cities like Santa Cruz spring up since colonization.


There are few countries as large as Brazil. Engulfing a huge portion of the South American continent, this vast country is home to many cultural and ethnical curiosities which are being imported all over the world as their popularity grows. Aside from exotic music, dance and foods, the escorts from Brazil are fast becoming one of the most popular exports of the country.


Despite having English and French as its official languages – results from the end of the First World War where Cameroon was divided as a mandate between the French and the English – Cameroon is a very diverse country. This diversity is owing to both its geographical diversity and its cultural diversity.


A competition for the strangest shaped country would see a fair few contenders. Countries shaped like boots, like elephant ears, and many other strange shapes would all have a shot at winning. Almost any country’s shape can be compared to some strange object or animal if the viewer looks at it for long enough.


One of the northern most countries to be found in South America, Colombia shares a very similar history to the other countries sharing the continent. Indigenous people used to occupy this country until the 15th Century when the Spanish came across from Europe and colonized the living hell out of it.


Ecuador is Spanish for equator. So it is little surprise that this South American country sits right at the top of the continent, right on the equator. It’s capitol city, Quito, has earned the title of best preserved and least altered historic centre in Latin America, and is one of the first UNESCO sights in the world.


Grenada is a nation made up of the island of Grenada in the Caribbean Sea, as well as the six smaller islands that surround it. It shares a similar history to the other islands in the Caribbean, colonized by the Spanish and inhabited by slaves brought over from Africa. Today, Grenada has a lush geography and is surrounded by idyllic blue seas.


Just south of Mexico, you will find Guatemala. While its main spoken language is Spanish, there are over twenty two indigenous languages spoken, remnants from a time prior to the Spanish colonisations of the 15th Century. Still rife with plenty of ruins, it is a visually pleasing country that receives a fair percentage of its GDP from tourism each year.


A small country found in the very most northern reaches of South America, its name is thought to mean ‘Land of Many Waters’. Achieving its independence from the United Kingdom in 1966 means it has had the last few decades to properly develop its own identity and culture, and this is evident now to anyone who visits Guyana.


Panama is a country located in Central America. It is the southernmost country in Central and North America, bordered by Costa Rica to the North East and Columbia (the northernmost country in South America) to the south. It has a fast growing economy, and is one of the most prosperous countries in Central America.


Paraguay can be found right in the centre of the South American continent. It is a country with a diverse culture and rich history. Its geography is some of the most interesting in the world, and it attracts a fair amount of tourists each year.


Peru is a country which can be found in South America. Well known for its diverse geography and its equally diverse history and culture, it shares a similar story of Spanish colonization that many other countries in South America have.

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island in the Caribbean Sea. After changing hands many times between colonial powers, it finally managed to gain its independence in 1979, and has since developed its own sense of identity which perfectly reflects the gorgeous geography and pleasant climate. The escorts from Saint Lucia also reflect these aspects of their country. Stunning to behold, there are many that would argue that these girls are the most attractive in the world.

Trinidad And Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are two islands in the Caribbean which form the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The two islands have a tremendous sense of national pride, and are well known for their beautiful beaches which see many tourists come from far and wide to visit. The country has a diverse culture which further enforces a sense of national pride. Another source of this pride is the escorts Trinidad and Tobago has to offer. Incredibly well known for their equally incredible good looks, charm and flirtatious natures, these girls are well known and loved by most escort enthusiasts from their home country.


Uruguay is a small country in South America. One third of its population lives in the capital of Montevideo. Most of the economy of Uruguay is based on agriculture and farming. It shares a similar history to many other South American countries, a history involving Spanish colonization. An estimated eighty eight percent of its inhabitants are thought to be of European descent. The escorts from Uruguay are some of the finest you are ever likely to spend time with. Seductive and flirtatious, these girls promise all their clients memorable times.


Venezuela is a country which can be found in the northernmost reaches of South America. After gaining its independence from Spain in 1821, it has since gone on to develop its own national identity, based on a rich history and a diverse culture. With some incredible geography to behold, Venezuela sees many tourists visiting each year. Venezuelan escorts are among some of the most exquisite you will ever have the privilege of laying eyes upon.