Windsor Seems to be the New Escort Paradise

Windsor, sharing its name with the surname of our very own beloved monarch, is bound to have a fairly regal feel to it. And this regal feel is emphasised first and foremost by the famous Windsor Castle. Foreigners (and fellow Britons) who want a taste of English society which strictly adheres to the stereotypes so commonly associated with the country (castles, quaintness, tea, Union Jacks etc.) often find that Windsor offers exactly what they are looking for and more.

One thing which might come as a surprise to many is that Windsor is fast becoming known as one of the most sizzling escort hotspots in the entire country. Windsor escorts are actually developing a very strong reputation which has spread to the ears of escort lovers across the country, and people are taking great steps to hire one or two escorts from Windsor for themselves, even if they happen to live miles and miles away from Windsor itself.

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