Located off bustling Upper Street in London’s trendy Islington area, Antonios is a prime example of Italian cuisine in the capital. Atmosphere-wise “Antionios Ristorante”, to use it’s full Italian name, has a true “La Dolce Vita” feel to it. Decorated with understated wood furniture and natural brick, the restaurant’s decor looks as Italian as it’s menu. The ceiling is coated with wires, intertwined with small light bulbs creating the impression of looking up at a starry night sky through the trees of a forest.

The restaurant’s main courses are quite the class act, such as Tagliatelle al Granchio Piccante, which is fresh tagliatelle pasta in a savoury sauce consisting of tomatoes, crab, chilli, and lime. Many more similarly-elaborate dishes are available.

Flickering candles and soft Italian music adds romance to the restaurant’s already-intimate atmosphere. It is surely a place for the romance to start flowing along with the fine Italian wines!

Indeed, the wines certainly deserve special mention. Complementing the excellent Italian cuisine, wines range from as cheap as fourteen pounds to a hundred and sixty! The range of choice is truly astonishing, and should satisfy even the most discerning connoisseur.

Italian cuisine, Italian wine, and Italian romance. Your escort is sure to be bowled over!

134-137 Upper Street,



N1 1QP

(020) 7226 8994